Carl Johan Freer – Carl Freer

Carl Freer is a pioneering name in the field of innovation and technology as he has dedicated his entire career to fulfilling the causes of brining technical innovation and social betterment to the whole world. Carl Johan Freer began his early career as the co founder of a renowned company called Tiger Telematics, which introduced the famous handheld gaming system called Gizmondo to the world. The gaming system has given tough competition to the pioneering systems such as Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, which makes it one of the best in class. Tiger Telematics had been taken to the heights of success by Carl J Freer as he took them to famous global tech shows like CeBit in Germany and the International CES show held in Las Vegas.

The success story of Carl Freer does not end here as he entered a new phase in his career by starting up Magitech, Inc which deals in innovative augmented reality systems for mobile platforms. Later a part of this company was sold by him to the renowned company, Qualcomm Inc. The next vital step in his career came with the setting up of Logovision Corporation, of which he became the co founder. The company has served a large number of Fortune 500 companies with its mobile search apps and cutting edge technology. In addition to technological contribution, Carl Freer has also patented a special kind of burn bandage called Aluminaid, which is meant to bring pain relief for burn patients, even those with second degree burn injuries.

Carl Freer has also worked in entertainment industry, heading a company called He has also gained reputation as a philanthropist, with his leading non-profit organization called Freer Family Tree Foundation, aimed at providing funds and making efforts for a better life of orphaned children in countries around the world.